Who Are We?

We are a national network of prostate cancer researchers who have joined forces to study prostate cancer in African American men.

University of Southern California

Christopher Haiman, ScD

Ann Hamilton, PhD

David Conti, PhD

David Craig, PhD

John Carpten, PhD

William Gauderman, PhD


University of California, San Francisco

Scarlett Gomez, PhD, MPH

Iona Cheng, PhD, MPH

Mindy DeRouen, PhD

Salma Shariff-Marco, PhD, MPH

Franklin Huang, MD, PhD


Baylor College of Medicine

Melissa Bondy, PhD


Wayne State University

Jennifer Beebe-Dimmer, PhD, MPH


Cancer Registry of Greater California

Rosemary Cress, DrPH, MPH


Johns Hopkins University

Tamara Lotan, MD

Angelo Demarzo, MD, PhD

Karen Sfanos, PhD


Moffitt Cancer Center

Jong Park, PhD, MPH

Thomas Sellers, PhD, MPH

Clement Gwede, PhD, MPH

Jasreman Dhillon, MD

Kosj Yamoah, MD, PhD


New Jersey Department of Health

Karen Pawlish, ScD, MPH


Emory University

Kevin Ward PhD, MPH


National Cancer Institute, Division of Cancer Epidemiology & Genetics

Stephen Chanock, MD

Sonja Berndt, PhD

Michael Cook, PhD

Meredith Yeager, PhD