Who Are We?

We are a national network of prostate cancer researchers who have joined forces to study prostate cancer in African American men.

University of Southern California


Christopher Haiman, ScD

Ann Hamilton, PhD

John Carpten, PhD

Project Staff:

Jennifer Zelaya

Denise Modjeski

Community Liaison:

Freddie Muse, Jr.


University of California, San Francisco


Scarlett Gomez, PhD, MPH

Iona Cheng, PhD, MPH

Franklin Huang, MD, PhD

Project Staff:

Laura Allen


Baylor College of Medicine


Melissa Bondy, PhD

Project Staff:

Georgina Armstrong

Shane Reader

Community Liaison:

Charles Amos


Wayne State University


Jennifer Beebe-Dimmer, PhD, MPH

Project Staff:

Tara Baird

Mary Beth Kolbicz

Community Liaison:

Frank Fields


Cancer Registry of Greater California


Rosemary Cress, DrPH, MPH

Project Staff:

Rebecca Garrow

Amy Klapheke

Mayra Sandoval


Johns Hopkins University


Tamara Lotan, MD

Karen Sfanos, PhD


Moffitt Cancer Center


Jong Park, PhD, MPH

Thomas Sellers, PhD, MPH

Kosj Yamoah, MD, PhD

Project Staff:

Jenna Damonte


Rutgers University, The State University of New Jersey


Antoinette Stroup, PhD

Lisa E. Paddock, PhD


New Jersey Department of Health


Karen Pawlish, ScD, MPH

Project Staff:

Kevin Masterson, CTR

Anupama Shah


Emory University


Kevin Ward PhD, MPH

Project Staff:

Mackenzie Crawford

Kiyana Perrino

Richard Claxton


Louisiana State University Health Science Center


Xiao-Cheng Wu, MD, MPH

Jessie Gills, MD

Lu Zhang, PhD

Project Staff:

Lisa Moses

Community Liaison / Co-Investigator

Dr. Denise Johnson


National Cancer Institute, Division of Cancer Epidemiology & Genetics


Stephen Chanock, MD

Sonja Berndt, PhD

Michael Cook, PhD

Meredith Yeager, PhD